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First Look:

The Limited Edition


The Limited Edition Jonathan Adler ♥ Keurig® Collection

“I don’t think a coffee routine needs to be…routine. That’s why I’ve designed a Limited Edition Keurig Collection that transforms an everyday routine into something life-enhancing.”

Jonathan Adler ♥ Keurig® Collection

"My new collection for Keurig brings style and great taste to any space. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed designing it!” - Jonathan

Keurig®’s first-ever Brew the Love® Collaboration, The Jonathan Adler ♥ Keurig® Collection features a super stylish limited edition K-Mini® brewer, matching mug and a K-cup storage canister, each wrapped in our signature geometric pattern.

“I’m a longtime K-cup drinker and I always have my Keurig out on my counter. It's always been super cute—but I thought it could be even cuter.”