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I Want...
to Give!


Atlantic-Pacific’s Blair Eadie

Who better to inspire us to gift our best than a chic style icon with eyes on everything bold and bright from East to West (Santa?!).

Welcome to Atlantic//Pacific’s Blair Eadie’s wishlist wonderland.

1. Gala Mug

My mom is the ultimate coffee lover and collects unique mugs. This chic mug would be the perfect addition to her collection!

Jonathan Adler’s Gala Mug

2. Large Anvil Bowl

My friend Anouar has the best taste in home decor and this bowl would go so beautifully in his NYC space.

Jonathan Adler’s Anvil Bowl

3. Marseilles
Cocktail Napkins

My friend Aurelia is the hostess with the mostess. I am always wracking my brain of what to bring her as a gift for always being such a generous host. These cocktail napkins would be the perfect holiday gift.

Jonathan Adler’s Marseilles Cocktail Napkins

4. Lips Shaped Puzzle

My family loves puzzles and that love has only grown in 2020 with many of us staying in more. I will be wrapping this unique puzzle this season and gifting to my mom and dad.

Jonathan Adler’s Lips Shaped Puzzle

5. Newport Tea

My mother in law is British and has a consistent morning routine of a cup of tea and a crossword puzzle. This set has her name all over it.

Jonathan Adler’s Newport Tea Bundle

6. Sockerbit
Gummy Candy

This candy spot in the West Village is my absolute favorite. This season I am going out of my way to help support some local businesses. My dad and I both share a deep love for sour candies, so I will be ordering him a big box of gummy yummy from Sockerbit.

Sockerbit Gummy Candy

7. Dante Negroni Kit

My friend Logan loves a good negroni and we both LOVE Dante. They're now offering local delivery of the coolest Negroni kit that would make the perfect gift!

Dante Negroni Kit