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And I Get Dressed founder Kellie Brown

I Want...
to Give!

Kellie Brown

I Want! holiday editions are our excuse to talk to people we love about what's on their wish list.

Kellie Brown - tastemaker behind the super inspiring and inclusive style blog And I Get Dressed - gets into what she's gifting this year (including her chef's kiss 🤌 gift!).

Bullseye Vase

The gold? The glamour? She’s beautiful and I’m obsessed. Everyone in my life needs this.

Futura Bullseye Vase by Jonathan Adler

Muse Noir
Ceramic Candle

I have candles ALL over my home and I can’t stop buying them, so thankfully they make the perfect gift. The black wax and face vessel of this one is truly a need.

Jonathan Adler's Muse Noir Ceramic Candle

Jade De-Puffing
Face Roller

The holiday season is stressful, but that doesn’t mean we have to look stressed. This face roller will keep you blessed! Decompressed! Issa yes!

Jade De-Puffing Face Roller

Globo Tray

I love a good tray, you love a good tray, we all love a good tray. But a great tray? Chef's kiss.

Globo Tray by Jonathan Adler

Woman Blanket

Because we all love being soft, cozy, and fabulous. And this blanket in my shop on AndIGetDressed is fabulous.

Renaissance Woman Blanket from AndIGetDressed

Vice Glitter

The Vice Canisters are the ultimate gift since you can keep literally anything in them. Lipstick? Lighters? Lollipops? The options are truly endless.

Jonathan Adler's Vice Glitter Canister