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I Want! with Dayna Isom Johnson

Dayna Isom Johnson

Trend expert at Etsy, lifestyle guru, judge on NBC’s Making It (alongside this guy), dog person (Mojo!)—Dayna Isom Johnson knows a thing or two. We checked in to find out what’s making her It list this summer.

Dayna Isom Johnson’s picks for summer.

1. Two Clouds Above Nine

Reticulated Rectangular Earrings

Nothing makes me feel as good as wearing an over-the-top piece of jewelry. What I love about these handmade, reticulated earrings is that the maker creates each one to order, so no two sets are alike.

2. Jack Mirror

I’m a sucker for anything gold and glamorous, and this mirror is just calling me to check myself out and put on some red lipstick.

3. Large Lacquer Jewelry Box

Jewelry is my favorite accessory and I’ve built up quite the collection over the years. This lacquer box not only looks good, but is a great storage solution for all my baubles.

4. Sio x AVG Bandana

This silk scarf is not only beautiful, but also multi-functional. I love to wear it as a headband, neck tie, or even a face covering.

Dayna Isom Johnson’s picks for summer.

5. Maxime Club Chair

Even though my home has turned into my office these days, it’s so important to me that it still feels comfortable. I can easily picture myself sinking into this chair after a long day of work at my desk.

6. Garland Wallpaper

I’m all about bold and colorful wallpaper – it’s such an easy way to add a pop of personality into any space.

7. Brass Talitha Cabinet

Since I’ve been spending more time indoors lately, I’ve been doing at-home activities more than ever, like cocktail-making. This cabinet would be the perfect home for my mixers, glasses, and everything I need to make happy hour at home a little happier.

8. Brass Tic Tac Toe

This stylish set takes tic-tac-toe up a notch, and doubles as an eye-catching accent piece.

9. Bacharach Sofa

I love that this sofa combines luxe fabric, a soothing color, and modern shapes to create the ultimate blend of style and comfort. I can totally picture my husband and me cuddling while fighting over the remote (alongside our dog, Mojo) on this sofa.

10. Hollywood on Netflix

My husband and I love watching TV and one of our favorite bingeable series is Hollywood. It’s filled with drama and glamour, and leaves you fighting for someone.

11. McBride Sisters Wine Delivery

I love that I can have my favorite wines sent right to my doorstep, all while supporting a growing business.