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I Want!

Well Boxed’s Naadine Koi

Luxury candle specialist (think: photographer, stylist, all-around olfactory expert), Naadine Koi of Well Boxed fills us in on a few of her favorite things (and yes, her current candle pick is included!).

Talitha Credenza

As a luxury candle specialist, I'm always looking for spots to store my candles—this beauty is purrrfect!

Talitha Credenza, Jonathan Adler
Burn The Candle Print, Well Boxed

Cocktail Table

A cocktail table with a hidden drawer? Sign me up!

Peking Cocktail Table, Jonathan Adler

Pompidou Acrylic Candleholder

This candle holder is a work of art in itself and is sure to take any taper candle to the next level.

Pompidou Acrylic Candleholder

LSD Candle

I need this in my collection! The vessel is stunning and the notes would definitely take me on a trip.

Druggist LSD Candle, Jonathan Adler

I-Scream Vase

No home should be without flowers or this unique vase to put them in!

Gilded I-Scream Vase, Jonathan Adler

Bar 5 Dark

This is why I dream in chocolate, and I love that they’re local right here in Seattle.

Seattle Chocolate’s Bar 5 Dark

Nixon Reversible
Peruvian Flat
Weave Rug

I love black and white patterns—instant cool factor.

Nixon Reversible Peruvian Flat Weave Rug, Jonathan Adler

Four-Seater Sofa

Friday night, Saturday night, pretty much every night, this sofa is where you'll find me. Cozy and burning candles!

Topanga Four-Seater Sofa, Jonathan Adler

Brushed Alpaca
Squares Coverlet

I always have a blanket within arm’s reach. If a breeze goes by, I want to be prepared.

Brushed Alpaca Squares Coverlet, Jonathan Adler

The Amalfi Coast

Currently dreaming of a European vacation—The Amalfi Coast to be exact.

The Amalfi Coast