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The Globo Collection

Why I Made This

Every piece in your home should be as provocative, curious, and compelling as your favorite work of art.

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Globo Boxes

One day, as I was using a magnifying glass (I know, age), I realized that balls and domes of acrylic could create the same sublime effect. Acrylic is magic. It takes color beautifully and has dazzling optical qualities. Enter the Globo Boxes: simple, half-spheres of acrylic that refract light and glow in the same way a cocktail ring does. When you look at a cocktail ring, it’s the combination of the gold and the jewel tones that is so alluring. I wanted to capture that spirit, not just in boxes, but in furniture… and so….

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The Globo Console

A nod to the neo-Memphis movement and homage to an architectural marvel, the Globo Console's sinuous brass framework was inspired by the elegant buttresses at the base of the World Trade Center. It was always one of my favorite buildings. The brass piping cradles a minimalist lacquer top as a cocktail ring's setting would a stone, and the icy blue acrylic cabochons add an alluring glow.

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Globo Table Lamp

A cluster of acrylic globes that feels like grapes or an atomic constellation. In clear, the lamp is timelessly glamorous. The gem tone has an unexpected inspiration. I've always admired the work of the late, great artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres. He had an incredible ability to communicate two opposing ideas, particularly with his candy pieces, which are at once celebratory and mournful. I was thinking about that spirit when approaching the jewel-hued palette. For me, an its elegiacal nod to the '80s.

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